Aaron Wherry

Aaron Wherry covers the House of Commons and its 338 residents for Maclean’s.

The feisty first week of the 42nd Parliament

Questions, complaints and combativeness as the 42nd Parliament gets to work


Do the Liberals have a mandate for electoral reform?

Even before the House of Commons can debate the options for electoral reform, it is arguing over how to choose. Is this a fight the Liberals want?


Interview: Speaker Geoff Regan on maintaining order in the House

Geoff Regan, the newly elected Speaker of the House of Commons, talks about his new role and his hopes for maintaining a new tone in Parliament


A rookie minister finds herself in a minor furor

Maryam Monsef, the rookie minister for democratic institutions, faces opposition indignation in her second question period


How often should Prime Minister Trudeau be at QP?

Justin Trudeau is suggesting a Prime Minister’s question period. But Tom Mulcair worries that will mean less accountability


Can Justin Trudeau defeat the cynicism of politics?

That the Trudeau government might be more open than its predecessor is its least daunting commitment, but also the most fertile ground for complaint


The Throne Speech and the ambitious politics of Justin Trudeau

Justin Trudeau has set himself up to be defined by his ambitions. The flip side of that could doom him. Aaron Wherry on change’s possibility

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A new Speaker of the House for a new kind of Parliament?

Geoff Regan is now the Speaker of the House. What impact will he have—or can he have—on how parliamentary work is done?


Why Trudeau’s babysitters are in the news

Justin Trudeau’s first controversy erupts—over taxpayer-funded child care in his own home


The tactile politics of Justin Trudeau

Justin Trudeau stirs the etiquette police with a two-handed handshake for British Prime Minister David Cameron


Maclean’s explains: The Liberal plan for Syrian refugees

The important details of the federal Liberal government’s plan to resettle 25,000 Syrian refugees


Amid a climate-change parade, Brad Wall casts himself as Harper Lite

A day after Alberta announced new policies to fight climate change, Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall strikes a more fretful tone