Alex Cyr


A Small But Mighty Miniature Show

An Edmonton exhibit showcases everyday objects shrunk to dollhouse proportions


The Power List: Tiff Macklem

He’s damned if he raises interest rates and damned if he doesn’t. Our central banker is the reluctant main character in Canada’s housing drama.


The Power List: Marc Miller

Our top education changemaker is reining in a runaway international-student market—and making sure a Canadian degree is still worth something


The Power List: Shai Gilgeous-Alexander

This Olympic-bound basketball star—and our reigning sports power lister—is claiming the title of Canada’s next Great One

A boy in a jacket and sweatpants holding a tennis racket

Montreal’s Gabriel Diallo is a tennis giant in the making

At 22 (and six-foot-eight), Diallo is a towering presence at the net, drawing comparisons to another Canadian upstart: Milos Raonic