Barbara Amiel

Barbara Amiel is an author and columnist presently living in Toronto.
CBC Amanda Lang 20150113

Amiel: Why the CBC needs new blood

Evan Solomon was fired due to a selective reading of the CBC’s standard, writes Barbara Amiel—proving its leaders think in a box and go with the wind
Monarch Butterfly on Milkweed (Shutterstock)

On spring miracles and monarch butterflies

The monarch can rise to 10,000 feet. But every journey has its version of airport hell with bad food.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel addresses the American Israel Public Affairs Committee conference in Washington.

Amiel: A land for peace? Come off it.

Barbara Amiel on Israel’s elections and the brilliance of Bibi

Barack and Bibi go virtual, and viral

Barbara Amiel on Obama’s ‘people of the tweet’ routine
Barbara Amiel

Islamists won’t kill free speech—we will

’In my view there is no media outlet in Canada brave enough to allow a full and proper discussion of Islam’
Q Live In Portland Show

No has always meant no in our society

Barbara Amiel on bringing reason to the Jian Ghomeshi affair

Oscar de la Renta: ’He was in every sense a creature of grace’

Oscar de la Renta dressed first ladies, but his first loyalty was to family and friends
Andrew Leslie,

Will the allied bombing do much good?

Barbara Amiel looks at how the West should deal with the threat of the Islamic State
Barbara Amiel

There’s only one villain at the United Nations

Barbara Amiel on the United Nations’ far-from-balanced inquiries
Barbara Amiel

The war against Donald Sterling

Barbara Amiel explains why the owner of the Clippers is many things but not racist