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Canadian Blood Services donation clinic

Why we should pay Canadian donors for their blood plasma donations

A new bill would ban paying for plasma donations nationwide. It’s a counterproductive idea, not to mention hypocritical
Thousands Attend Women’s March On Washington

What employers need to know about the ’women’s strike’

As women around the world abstain from work and shopping in protest, here’s how companies should handle it.

How Harry Rosen is tailoring itself to an evolving men’s fashion industry

A focus on personal relationships helps Harry Rosen thrive in changing times

Millennials in the workplace aren’t coddled—bosses are just jerks

Millennials in the workplace are stereotyped as needy. But the real problem is our attitude toward managerial abuse.

Canada isn’t projected to run balanced budget until 2050

The collapse of oil prices is one culprit. A the larger problem is Canada’s aging population.
Real Estate

A new wave of tech startups might finally disrupt real estate

Online brokerages and splashy startups are using technology to improve the often hellish act of buying property—and change the role of realtors
Internet Addiction

How the Internet of Things is going to transform retail

Consumers already have some preconceptions about the fledgling Internet of Things, but businesses are finding novel applications
Facebook Instant Articles

Why you shouldn’t check your email on vacation

Debunking every possible reason you may have to avoid taking an actual breather on vacation
mail delivery

Canada Post work stoppage: The difference between a lockout and a strike

By now, Canadians know they might not be getting mail on Monday—but there’s some confusion about exactly why