Charlie Gillis

Charlie Gillis

Charlie Gillis is Maclean's managing editor (national). He’s a winner of gold and silver National Magazine Awards, and his bosses once forgot about him after sending him to cover the climbing season at Mount Everest.
Charlie’s son Cameron. (Judy Gillis)
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The case for broken bones

Charlie Gillis: Parents face tough decisions when it comes to their kids’ safety. Letting them wander away from watchful eyes can pose a risk—but a risk worth taking.
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Trump vs Nixon: A look at how the two presidents compare

We rated the parallels to date between the Russia-gate and Watergate scandals. The similarities are striking.
Richard M. Nixon

Why Donald Trump is like Richard Nixon all over again

Author John A. Farrell discusses a president prone to paranoia, and stoking up angry, white voters. He also mentions Donald Trump.

A harassed Mountie prevails

Finding of "outrageous" conduct by RCMP bosses vindicates Sgt. Peter Merrifield, and may spur RCMP union drive
Kathleen Wynne; Andrea Horwath; Patrick Brown

Five things Kathleen Wynne is doing to save her political skin

With an election looming next year, Ontario’s premier is cratering in the polls—and desperate times call for desperate measures
Cowboy Pozzobon rides the bull Exotic Justin during the Professional Bull Riders Madison Square Garden Invitational in New York

With a star’s death, rodeo meets its NFL moment

How the death of rodeo star Ty Pozzobon has forced the sport to face its own concussion crisis

Did Canada’s pot panel give stoned drivers a pass?

The task force for legalizing marijuana shies away from setting a blood-THC limit, citing scientific and legal concerns
Thomas Terry

How to kill the Trans Mountain pipeline

Opponents of Trans Mountain amass, with some eyes alighting on Lightning Rock—which could prove to be a lightning rod, akin to Standing Rock
Darby Allen
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Newsmakers of the Year: Fort McMurray fire chief Darby Allen

As wildfires devastated Fort McMurray, Darby Allen became the face of ’fighting the beast’