Corey Mintz

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Corey Mintz eats the entire Tim Hortons menu

Food columnist Corey Mintz tries everything on the Tim Hortons menu. Find out what he likes, what he hates and what he’d order again.
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We must have our beef

Corey Mintz: Plant-based alternatives cannot curb climate change. Why? Because we keep going back to beef.
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Make milk great again

Corey Mintz: Who has a bigger crush on Canada’s dairy farmers, Justin Trudeau or Andrew Scheer? Let’s compare their love letters to milk.
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How Tim Hortons lost its way

Corey Mintz: waffle breakfast sandwiches, nitrogen-infused cold brew and a shiny new ’innovation cafe’—what on earth is Tim Hortons doing?
Filippino Cooks preparing meat

If you have a sense of adventure and enjoy food, you can be a ship’s cook

A galley can be a tough workplace, but there’s money to be made
(Photograph by Reena Newman)

A food critic takes on U of T’s new fresh, local food program

Do the University of Toronto’s new fresh dishes stand up to food critic Corey Mintz’s taste test?