Ethan Lou

German Chancellor Angela Merkel looks on next to French President Emmanuel Macron during an EU summit in Brussels on July 20, 2020 (JOHN THYS/POOL/AFP via Getty Images)

A continent divided by the pandemic

Ethan Lou: Back where I spent my childhood, the COVID-19 crisis has thrust an uncomfortable truth into the fore, that European solidarity is weakening
A man crosses a deserted street in the financial district in Beijing on March 3, 2020 (Nicolas Asfouri/AFP/Getty Images)

Coronavirus in China: My travels through a land in lockdown

Ethan Lou: I went to China to see my grandfather, possibly for the last time. I didn’t know I had picked the worst possible time to go.

What a trade war with China would do to Canada

Canada would survive a full-scale trade war with China, but it would offer a painful lesson on how much we now rely on that country
Dennis Rodman, Michael Spavor
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What China hopes to get by detaining Canadians

China doesn’t expect Canada to suddenly cave. The detentions are theatre for a domestic audience—and they will not be the last.
Justin Trudeau
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Justin Trudeau’s latest stumble: snubbing Sri Lanka

The prime minister issued a ‘clearly out of step’ statement sidelining country’s majority ethnic group, warned Daniel Jean
Mike Cabana Greta Bossenmaier  Michel Coulombe
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Parliament’s secret briefing from CSIS: beware of Russian spies

In prepared remarks, the head of CSIS in 2016 warned of activities by Russian and Chinese operatives and how politicians should counter them
Dan Wallace
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Beyond Kinder Morgan: Bureaucrats warn of oil sands trouble in internal report

Ottawa’s overhaul of energy policies—and the lack of a pipeline—could be a blow to investor confidence in a struggling industry, says report
Kathy Tarnai-Lokhorst 20151029

Getting to the root of gender imbalance in STEM fields

An engineering instructor thinks females get turned off science in high school due to the way they’re taught
Josh Jarvis. (Photograph by Laura Mills)

Eight paths to success

Students describe the moment they knew exactly what they had to do with their lives
Sandor Fizli 2015 (c)

Inside the lives of student union leaders

Work 12-hour days, manage a million-dollar budget, and get a leg up in the job market