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Ice cream cone with many colored scoops.
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Ice cream 2.0: How technology is creating the perfect scoop

Modern technology has made it easy to concoct delicious, all-natural ice cream at home
Steak Guide Sous Vide Photos – 080
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Why you should be wary of ’scientific’ cooking methods

Some websites offer dubious advice purportedly rooted in scientific fact, but oblivious to deliciousness
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Why Canada’s seafood market is so bad, and costs so much

Canada produces some of the most sought-after seafood in the world, but much of it gets exported, leaving Canadian shoppers paying more for less

Why Loto-Québec never should have bankrolled a Robuchon resto

Quebec restaurateurs and politicians are up in arms over a French chef’s taxpayer-financed Montreal outpost
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A kelp agricultural revolution

How kelp, a negative-footprint organism, could alter the future of seafood
Goats feeding at Teal’s Meats in Waterford, Ontario on January 23, 2017.
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Can goat meat hoof its way to the culinary forefront?

Goat is enviably healthy, rich in iron and protein, tender in a braise, and popular in the developing world. Why is it so hard to get in North America?
Whey. (Photograph by Reena Newman)
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A whey-out idea, coming to a restaurant near you

Chefs and a vodka maker are turning whey—essentially dairy waste water—into a food and drink delight
Beets and Grapefruit from Planta in Toronto. (Photograph by Chris Robinson)
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The mighty vegetable is taking hold in a cooking revolution

The vegetable is leading one of the most important evolutions in haute cooking in decades
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Last call at Le Mas

50 years of luxurious lunches at Le Mas for the who’s who of Montreal come to an end