Jen Cutts


Review: We Killed: The Rise of Women in American Comedy

Some questions are inherently annoying: are we there yet? Is that seat taken? Are women funny? But is it better to ignore or engage with the children/moviegoers/magazine columnists who ask them? Marie Claire’s Kohen could not resist the urge to take on that last one, infamously explored by Christopher Hitchens in a 2007 Vanity Fair essay. Or rather, Kohen lets the women (and their male colleagues) answer.


Estonia already offers free WiFi. Next up: free public transit

The mayor of Tallinn hopes to make the city ‘the flagship of the green movement in Europe’


REVIEW: The Lifeboat

Book by Charlotte Rogan


Twinned: the Scottish hamlet of Dull and the town of Boring, Oregon

There’s no real rush. Not much happens in Boring


REVIEW: The Land of decoration

Book by Grace McCleen

Cozying up to the bear

Cyprus cozies up to Russia

Cypriot officials let a Russian ship loaded with ammunition sail on to Syria

British used fake rock to spy on Russians

How the British used a fake rock to spy on Russia

Former U.K. chief of staff admits what the Russians already knew

Poo-pooing the pandas

China’s panda census

For the next year, more than 100 people will be across the mountains of central China in search of the endangered animals