Kevin Carmichael

Kevin Carmichael is a senior fellow at the Centre for International Governance Innovation. He has written about economics, policy and policy makers for two decades from Ottawa, Washington, Mumbai, and, currently, Montreal.
Economic analysis

With a global debt load of $291 trillion, these are dangerous times

Prudence demands that Canada’s governments get back to a financial position that would allow them to respond to the next financial crisis


On business tax, Liberals need to catch up to the U.S.

Canada is competitive in some areas, but the feds would be wise to match some of Donald Trump’s cuts

Economic analysis

Why Canada needs more trade with Asia

Trudeau needs to push harder on trade deals outside of North America

Economic analysis

Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un are why you can go on a borrowing binge

Interest rates will likely increase in 2018, but a cautious central bank won’t act boldly—even if the Canadian economy booms

Economic analysis

This slowdown in Canada’s economy suits the Bank of Canada just fine

Econo-metrics: Any hotter and the Bank might have to hike interest rates again, walloping Canadians who are carrying a massive amount of debt

Economic analysis

Why stock markets are so calm in the age of Donald Trump

A rare confluence of positives has created a buffer between Washington and Wall Street. But gradually, those positives will fade.

Economic analysis

How Donald Trump is dividing Canada

Opinion: By targeting issues where regional tensions in Canada already exist, the president has struck upon a tactic that could help the U.S. in the NAFTA talks

Economic analysis

Justin Trudeau is getting cocky about the economy. Watch out.

Strong Jobs growth and markets may breed complacency, which creates the conditions for the dumb risks that eventually cause a crisis

Economic analysis

Stephen Poloz downplays inflation risk, seeks more growth

Bank of Canada’s governor charts a data-driven path on steady rates


Bill Morneau has a good news story to tell—if anyone’s listening

A positive update on Canada’s economy is overshadowed by the finance minister’s credibility deficit

Economic analysis

Even as Canada’s economy booms, prices are barely rising

Econ-o-metric: Inflation is slowly rising, but probably not enough for the Bank of Canada to hike interest rates again. The bank’s message: be patient


Trudeau’s pandering small business tax cut will do nothing for the economy

Opinion: If the Liberals really wanted to help the economy, they’d design a policy with ambitious entrepreneurs in mind—not an army of small-business owners content to stay that way