Meagan Campbell

Meagan Campbell is based at the Ottawa bureau, where she writes about politics and the people behind it. In the past, she's worked with The Atlantic Monthly, The Spectator (U.K.) and CBC Radio. She'll always be from Charlottetown.
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Canada’s loneliest people

25 per cent of Canadian seniors live alone, but there lies a little-documented population within that demographic that live in acute isolation


Inside the private lives of the Toronto Zoo’s giant pandas

298 pages of zoo medical records reveal the stress of pandas living—and giving birth—in a human-controlled environment

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How Andrea Horwath became the imperfect underdog

The social activist turned politician was ideally placed to soak up the votes of fed-up Liberals. But do Ontarians know what they’re getting?

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Can protesters still stop the Trans Mountain pipeline?

Ottawa’s takeover of Trans Mountain may hurt B.C.’s efforts to obstruct the expansion project, but protesters say it has ‘lit a fire’ under them


Karina Gould’s baby takes over Parliament Hill

The democratic institutions minister was back at work, baby in tow. Everyone, including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, wanted to meet Oliver.


Why Meghan Markle spells her name wrong

The correct form—’Megan’—is easily pronounced but it has been warped by the parents of the world who have gone wild with silent letters

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After the death of Tory MP Gord Brown, parliamentarians console their seatmates

MPs remembered a colleague ‘who died way too young.’ ‘I don’t think there’s any greater tribute than to be universally well-liked in this place.’

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How the Senate is cracking down to get Trans Mountain built

The House of Commons has so far failed to referee the western skirmish, and it’s the Senate that is stepping in with legislation to get the pipeline built

Pharmacare advocate Dr. Danielle Martin
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Justin Trudeau was a hard act to follow, but the next speaker defined the most important issue of the 2019 election

At the Liberal convention, Dr. Danielle Martin argued a national pharmacare program is long overdue: ‘No rational person would design a healthcare system this way’

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Justin Trudeau’s speech to the Liberal Convention a rehearsal for 2019 election

Trudeau didn’t apologize for any mistakes on Saturday, but he has tweaked his tone from crowd-pleasing in 2015 to crowd-appeasing now.

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Justin Trudeau tells convention the Conservatives are still “Harper’s party”: speech transcript

Trudeau: ‘The politics of fear and division have been emboldened by successful campaigns elsewhere in the world to divide people against one another’

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Instead of policy, Gerald Butts and David Axelrod ponder the meaning of political life

The PM’s advisor and the former advisor to Barack Obama met at the Liberal convention to talk about their lives, jobs and the value of attack ads