Mike Moffatt

Mike Moffatt is the Director of Research and Policy at Canada 2020 and an Assistant Professor in the Business, Economics and Public Policy group, Ivey Business School, Western University.

To balance Ontario’s budget without a carbon tax, the PCs will need deep cuts to spending and jobs

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It’s time to raise the duty-free limit for online shoppers

Ottawa should let Canadians import more expensive online purchases duty free, and it can do so without putting brick-and-mortar retailers at a disadvantage.

A preview of the 2017 federal budget

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Canada’s hardest-hit economies need immigration to thrive again

Our current system—in which we educate young people and then deport them—makes no sense and harms growth companies

No, the TPP won’t cost Canada 20,000 auto manufacturing jobs

The claim that the TPP will lead to massive job losses in the auto sector is built on dubious assumptions, and overlooks the deal’s benefits to consumers

My fellow economists: Bay Street might be right this time

Bay Street is sounding the alarm for stimulus spending, but academics are waving them off. Time to call a truce

No, Alberta’s oil patch doesn’t need a bailout

Alberta’s energy sector has yet to suffer anything like Ontario’s manufacturing job losses, so calls for an auto sector-style bailout for the oil patch are premature

Does it even matter if we are in a statutory recession?

Questions and answers about Q2 numbers and the ongoing economic debate