Nikki Wiart

Nikki is a writer whose head is in Ottawa, but whose heart remains in the Prairies. Her favourite topics to write about are agricultural policy, indigenous issues, and death culture—a group of interests her editors said was the strangest they've heard yet.
Algonquin College Dementia Lab

Algonquin College living lab provides respite for dementia patients

Students in health care programs learn from dementia patients in a new daycare setting

HBC’s ‘Colonial Barbie’ comes with some baggage

The toy, emblazoned in the Hudson’s Bay Company’s iconic colours, is a hot-ticket reminder of a colonial past

Food-systems planners are playing a growing role in municipal policy

Municipal governments are recognizing they need to bridge the gap between city-dwellers and food sources

Algonquin College President Cheryl Jensen

Canadian colleges have more women at the helm than universities

Though gender parity eludes colleges in some disciplines, they have a better track record than universities when it comes to filling the president’s position

Shopify strategist Gillian Massel

Add tech to a humanities degree to bridge the employment gap

Adapting to a brave new job world, schools offer flexible programs so students can add tech to their humanities focus, and vice versa

Palestinian street workout uses everything from rebar to rubble

Bar Palestine members show off skills—and unite the outcasts

Perry Bellegarde makes his pitch for a developed, respectful Canada

The Assembly of First Nations National Chief told policymakers that Canada would do well to close the gap between non-Indigenous and Indigenous people

What makes an effective prime minister?

The brains behind our latest prime minister rankings explain how the survey worked, and what it revealed

Is Canada addicted to Canola?

As Canada and China negotiate a new deal on canola imports, farmers on the Canadian prairie play wait and see

Elizabeth May is here to stay

May on her plans for the Greens and accusations of anti-semitism in the party

Justin Trudeau takes in the Tragically Hip show

Justin Trudeau took in the Hip in Kingston, but he’s not the only politicians to take in the tour