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Attendees and media members walk through the main lobby of the Moscone West Convention Center following the keynote address at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco

At Apple’s WWDC: Truth, rumours and hardware launches

Here’s what’s in store at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference
Virtual Self Nora Young rotator

’The Virtual Self’: CBC’s Nora Young talks about her new book

Ever wondered why we share so much information about ourselves and what happens to it?
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Review: SurfEasy, great for private surfing–and Hulu

A USB that let’s you escape prying eyes and geoblocking
OpenMedia Internet caps rotator

Talking Internet data caps with Open Media

Regulators are starting to come around, says the activist group
Internet airlines rotator

The Internet is too important for free-market economics

No, you can’t defend broadband caps by talking about the airline industry
Hall of Fame Boxing

Facebook’s secret? Rolling with the punches

The ubiquitous social network somehow always comes out on top
South Africa Microsoft rotator

Microsoft’s horrifying story about usage-based billing abuse

A new South Africa-based study is a cautionary tale for Canadian Internet users
YEAR BOOKS Judging Covers 20111208

The future of reading and publishing according to Amazon

In conversation with Russ Grandinetti, Amazon vice-president of Kindle content
E-commerce rotator

Surprise, surprise: Canada lags in e-commerce

Selling online would allow Canadian businesses to escape the constraints of our small domestic market--but it ain’t happening