Peter Nowak

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Is porn art?

A California lawsuit raises the issue of whether adult films deserve copyright protection
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The next digital casualty: waiters?

Some restaurants are experimenting with at-table electronic service
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Samsung’s Galaxy Note: between smartphone and iPad?

It’s basically an oversized phone you can scribble on–and it may just take off
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The counterintuitive truth about piracy and profits

The most pirated films of all times were also blockbusters
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Apple’s China factory conditions need perspective

Foxconn is one of the better options in a country still grappling with astonishing levels of poverty
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Insurance, the bump on our way to robot cars

Self-driving vehicles are safer but also very, very expensive
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The Liberals jump on the cellphone airwaves bandwagon

Once consumers embraced the idea of a set-aside, politicians followed suit
Taiwan Japan Porn Problem

How porn parodies avoid copyright restrictions

And why all this make SOPA look even more evil
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Why the CES still matters

... because no one should buy new technologies sight unseen