Rachel Browne

While Rachel Browne has no religious beliefs of her own, she's fascinated by those who do. Aside from religion, she writes on human trafficking and human rights. She has also written for the National Post, VICE, and the Thomson Reuters Foundation.
NYC Humpbacks

What we know about humpback whales: ’This tragic event is very rare’

Rachel Browne talks to whale expert Prof. John Ford about the events off the coast of Mexico that killed a Canadian woman
Aboriginal Name Fight 20150306

What’s in a name? A Chipewyan’s battle over her native tongue

The Northwest Territories may be fighting to save Aboriginal languages, but don’t try to name your child with one
Que Values Charter, Nariman Eldoraini,

Amid niqab controversy, women ask Harper if they meet dress code

Rachel Browne on the hashtag #DressCodePM that lit up social media in an effort to parody the government’s stance on the niqab
Britain Dress of Many Colours

Salvation Army uses #TheDress as a force for change

The new ad campaign uses the controversial Dress to raise awareness about domestic violence

Are universities complicit in sexual violence?

’The Hunting Ground,’ Kirby Dick’s new documentary on sexual violence at U.S. universities, shines a light on institutional problems and brave survivors

Adam Robert Brunt, 1985-2015

As a boy, he always wanted to help, especially when it came to rescuing animals. He later followed his dream to be a firefighter.
Mystery Tunnel 20150224

Mystery Tunnel’s resolution only raises more questions

Toronto Police reveal a man cave, but Torontonians want more answers

’She thinks she’s a princess.’ Miss P’s hander tells all

In conversation with William Alexander, the ’Wayne Gretzky of dog shows’
Senate Expenses 20131028

How discrimination got in the way of the federal transgender rights bill

How transphobia got the last word in the battle over Bill C-279
China’s Kazakh Minority Preserve Culture Through Eagle Hunting in Western China

Photo essay: The last Kazakh eagle hunters

For centuries, Kazakhs have hunted on horseback, each with his own specially trained eagle