Rachel Browne

While Rachel Browne has no religious beliefs of her own, she's fascinated by those who do. Aside from religion, she writes on human trafficking and human rights. She has also written for the National Post, VICE, and the Thomson Reuters Foundation.
Miss P

Newsmaker of the day: Miss P the beagle

Newsmaker, Feb. 18: The Canadian beagle who took top honours at the Westminster Kennel Club dog show
Western University Muslim Prayer Room Door CREDIT: Kelly Samuel/Western Gazette

Space for faith: Accomodating religion on campus

Are all faiths treated equally when it comes to dedicated space on campus?
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On the eve of Fifty Shades, women in Canadian politics take action

Conservative MP Joy Smith calls for a boycott of the film she says "glamourizes abuse and exploitation"
Cuba Doctors Raise

What Cuba can teach Canada about vaccines

The majority of Cubans are knowledgeable about vaccines and their personal immunization history. How did they do it?

Q&A: A mother’s journey through the perils of teen sexting

A mother speaks out about her daughter’s experience with teen sexting and why parents need to educate themselves about the law

’Dignity in death has energized my will to live’

For one MS sufferer, the Supreme Court ruling on doctor-assisted death brings relief. For another, it was too late.
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How safe is sexting?

It’s important to teach teens about the criminality of sexting alongside the topic of consent, and offer guidance, should they choose to do it anyway, according to Planned Parenthood Ottawa
Terror Bill 20150130

Critics fear Bill C-51 could lead to unintended consequences

PM says police and national security agencies need additional tools and greater co-ordination to combat terrorism

John Leslie Beedell, 1933-2014

A daring boy, he became an Olympic canoeist and a passionate teacher. A serious brain injury didn’t diminish his love of life.

Breaking the silence on sexual assault: Frat brothers speak out

Waterloo’s Theta Psi fraternity brothers seek to bust the myth that frats are bastions of debauchery and misogyny