Rachel Browne

While Rachel Browne has no religious beliefs of her own, she's fascinated by those who do. Aside from religion, she writes on human trafficking and human rights. She has also written for the National Post, VICE, and the Thomson Reuters Foundation.
TORONTO, ON – JANUARY 15TH, 2015 – Lauren Reid. Photograph by Andrew Tolson

’When you’re ready, and want to share, I’m here.’

Lauren Reid founded a safe place for others to share their experiences with sexual assault—and led by example, by sharing her own

Mongolia chases the new and the old

Once a land of nomads, a mining rush has made its capital a boomtown
A member of the media makes images of front page of Charlie Hebdo which shows a caricature of French author Michel Houellebecq of the Paris offices of Charlie Hebdo, a satirical newspaper, after a shooting

Shared around the world: On satire, words, and freedom of the press

Quotes and ideas on satire and free press in the aftermath of the Paris attacks on Charlie Hebdo

The luckiest babies in the world

Meet Canada’s collection of New Year’s newborns—our first babies born in 2015
Saskatoon Christmas lights. Photograph by Derek Mortensen.

Battle of the Christmas bulbs

Christmas lights are balm to some, a bother to others—and an increasing source of civic conflict
Child refugees of Syrian war

When it comes to Syrian refugees, Canada is falling behind

Canada promised to resettle 1,300 Syrian refugees by the end of 2014. Rachel Browne speaks with three who have recently arrived in Toronto.
A woman who does not wish to be identified poses for a photograph after an interview on forced marriages with Rachel Browne of Maclean’s Magazine

Against their will: Inside Canada’s forced marriages

Forced marriage is one of the last taboos to break. A new law could make it a crime. So why do those who champion prevention oppose it?
CREDIT: Photograph by Derek Mortensen

Welcome to the future of reading

A new multimedia novel is tapping into students’ love of technology and film
Indonesia Tsunami victim reunited with family

What we lost—and found—in 2014

Who disappeared, who reappeared, and who vanished without a trace
Vicar of Baghdad 1

The Vicar of Baghdad and the lost Christians of Iraq

For years, Reverend Canon Andrew White worked in Baghdad—until Islamic State forced him away from his flock