Rachel Browne

While Rachel Browne has no religious beliefs of her own, she's fascinated by those who do. Aside from religion, she writes on human trafficking and human rights. She has also written for the National Post, VICE, and the Thomson Reuters Foundation.
Eric Hill

The new faces of law school in Canada

The LPP, an alternative to traditional articling, attracts students who don’t fit the traditional mould
Prostitution Study 20140604

First national study sheds new light on sex work in Canada

Rachel Browne talks to researchers behind five-year study
Winnipeg Free Press-Hero

Faron Hall, 1964-2014

From an early age he faced hardship and loss, but found joy in swimming and helping others—twice saving a life
For RATE MY PROF story.

Students aren’t the only cyberbullying victims

Cyberbullying is well documented, but research is just beginning on students who abuse teachers online
Nepal newly appointed Living goddess in Patan

Photo essay: A day in the life of a living goddess

Photographer Narendra Shrestha gets a glimpse inside the world of Nepal’s living goddesses
Winston Blackmore

Feminists call for decriminalization of polygamy

Prosecutors in British Columbia are taking another go at prosecuting Bountiful leaders for polygamy.
Christopher Michael Lawrence

Christopher Michael Lawrence, 1998-2014

A born rebel, he was always on the run and finding trouble. As a teen, he craved independence and a place of his own.
Bluenose II

From Bluenose to ’Boondoggle’ in Lunenburg

How a story of triumph devolved into disappointment, heartache and millions in cost overruns
G20 Report 20120516

New footage from Toronto G20 detention centre released

Four years later, those caught in mass arrests push for justice

A red light from the church

Some Anglican clergy want the federal government to ditch its new prostitution law because it’s ‘immoral’