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‘He’s gone, guys’: Dispatches from Nelson Mandela’s funeral

A solemn affair, as South Africa buries its great leader


Pageantry around Mandela’s death belies realities of life in South Africa

Away from the international headlines, the reality is less dramatic


South Africans flood the streets to pay tribute to Nelson Mandela

In death, as in life, Madiba brings citizens together


Nelson Mandela: South Africans mourn and celebrate their greatest hero

‘He has taught me to forgive, to be patient,’ said a teacher in the crowd after midnight


The UN’s turning point

Long a passive body, the UN heads into the battlefield in the DRC


Dengue fever spreads north

The agonizing and sometimes fatal tropical disease is much more prevalent than previously thought

Armed and evasive

Arms Procurement Commission begins amid fraud allegations

It’s a rocky start for Jacob Zuma’s government


Robert Mugabe tightens his grip in Zimbabwe

Reforms meant to bring democracy haven’t worked. Will new elections be any different?


Mali election raises hopes and fears

In the week before Mali’s presidential elections, the West African country’s interim president insisted that voting now is the only way to secure the fragile peace in the country.

The Mandela soap opera gets dirty

The Mandela family soap opera gets dirty

Nelson Mandela’s clan bickers as the 94-year-old patriarch remains in hospital

‘It could have been so much more’

Obama in Africa: ‘It could have been so much more’

Critics wonder if the U.S. President has abandoned the continent


The world prepares to let go of Mandela

The antiapartheid hero remains in critical condition