Stephen Gordon

Stephen Gordon

Stephen Gordon is an economics professor at l'Université Laval in Quebec City. He started the blog Worthwhile Canadian Initiative in 2005 and has been blogging about economics ever since.
Canada’s Finance Minister Flaherty walks to a news conference with Transport Minister Cannon n Parliament Hill in Ottawa
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How the financial crisis defined Jim Flaherty’s legacy

The former finance minister deserves extra credit for leadership, our economists say
Skeletons of abandoned housing developments
Real Estate

Odds are on a soft landing for the Canadian housing market

Don’t expect a U.S.-style crash. When you dig into the numbers, our housing market doesn’t look all that bad.
Pauline Marois
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Could an independent Quebec use the loonie?

The Euro crisis exposed why a monetary union between the ROC and Quebec wouldn’t work
Liberal Party,
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A short history of Nathalie’s family’s income

Economist Stephen Gordon imagines the fictional woman from Trudeau’s speech
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About those surpluses everyone wants to spend

Without further austerity, they disappear quickly
Champlain bridge
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What you need to know about infrastructure

Is there really a crisis in public-sector infrastructure?
Justin Trudeau
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Liberal economic policy agenda becomes less amorphous

Trudeau’s video offers a few clues, but raises even more questions
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Job creation is no longer a top priority

Stephen Gordon explains why focus should be on the quality of jobs, not the quantity
Peace Tower 300×300

The budget path out of deficit

Stephen Gordon on how a surplus is possible, just in time for the next federal election