Stephen Gordon

Stephen Gordon

Stephen Gordon is an economics professor at l'Université Laval in Quebec City. He started the blog Worthwhile Canadian Initiative in 2005 and has been blogging about economics ever since.
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Economic analysis

2014 budget preview: Econowatch predictions

Is this really a ’do nothing’ budget?
Stephen Poloz Mark Carney

Why was the Bank of Canada so wrong for so long?

When you make the same mistake for four years in a row, hard questions have to be asked
Canadian money

Why the Bank of Canada wants you to take a (real) pay cut

The Bank believes real wages are too high to sustain a significant recovery

An aging population requires a rethink of how we view the job market

The working age population is growing, and growing older

Your job is as safe as it has ever been. Probably safer.

There is a certain sentiment—possibly driven by nostalgia—that jobs used to be more stable
Jim Flaherty.

Jim Flaherty has to stop talking about monetary policy

The more he says, the more he undermines the Bank of Canada governor
Toronto Bay St.

A tale of two tax cuts

Stephen Gordon explains why it’s pointless to talk about raising corporate income taxes
Condominiums are seen under construction in Toronto

What really accounts for our sluggish growth

How commodity prices and terms of trade explain the last two years of being stuck in limbo
Jim Flaherty

What was actually updated in the fiscal update?

Not any real explanation of how the government plans to make the deficit disappear