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Surreal colourized photos from the First World War ‘tell an old story in a new way’

Vimy Foundation’s ‘They Fought in Colour’ collects 260 digitally colourized photographs showcasing Canada’s contribution to the First World War


Why did Donald Trump bring up the Chevrolet Impala?

The car he brought up amid high-stakes NAFTA negotiations has a long assembly history in Canada

Soloman College in Edmonton, Alberta

Foreign students who want to stay in Canada go to court as last resort

Students from outside Canada hope a diploma will help them stay here. As one pending lawsuit shows, it’s not that simple.


A fond farewell to Canada’s little-known $25 bill

What could you have bought with that money in 1935? A lot, it turns out. Six decades later, you’d be down to a near-obsolete flip phone


Where Sir John A. Macdonald stands in Canada: an interactive map

Despite efforts to remove and relocate them, monuments and tributes to Canada’s founding father still dot the country. We scouted them out for you.

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Why the federal consultations on digital strategy matter: Exhibit A

When it comes to protecting digital privacy, Canada has fallen behind the EU and—as I learned the hard way—Twitter


A patriot’s guide to shopping during a Canada-U.S. trade war

Upset about Trump’s tariffs and Uncle Sam dragging its trusted allies into a trade war? Here’s how you can hit back at the U.S. with your wallet.

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Ontario’s experiment with vote-counting machines could change elections to come

The Tories raised concerns, but you can expect electronic tabulators to be fixtures in future votes throughout the country

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The two ex-political staffers behind the Ontario election’s most digital-savvy outside groups

Ads and memes from Ontario Proud and North99 have the distinct flavour of party-produced attacks. That’s not a coincidence.

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Stormy Daniels vs. Donald Trump: Five ways the Trump camp has spun the $130,000 payment

Inside the White House’s shapeshifting explanations for the six-figure sum paid to an adult film star