Canada's Stories

Royal Canadian Air Force During World War 2

‘He is very modest and does not talk about the war’

Bob Bews, an RCAF pilot, beat the odds
Gerda Frieberg

‘They couldn’t take away our faith’

Gerda Frieberg survived the Holocaust—and confronts deniers
Ghetto Uprising

‘We’re all one human race’

Nate Leipciger on surviving the concentration camps
Stretcher Being Carried To Helicopter

‘It was a wonderful homecoming’

Stephen Hutchison returned from the Korean War on Christmas morning.
Salk Vaccine

‘They were clicking for their lives’

Herbert Ingenkamp on being an orderly during the polio epidemic.
Raymond Moriyama

‘We were immediately cast as enemy aliens’

Raymond Moriyama, the celebrated architect, on Japanese-Canadian internment