Canada's Stories

Pierre Luc Dusseault

‘I want more young people getting into politics’

Pierre-Luc Dusseault is the youngest MP in Canadian history
Robert Zhu

’I didn’t want to be a burden’

Robert Zhu is an only child from China
Andrea Landry

‘I didn’t want to be a follower anymore’

Andrea Landry on the needs of Indigenous youth
Couple Kisses During Vancouver Riot

"Are you that girl in the kissing photo?"

Alexandra Thomas on being an accidental part of Canadian hockey history
Christine Cimolai

‘They weren’t happy, I’m-getting-married tears’

Christine Cimolai on having rain on your wedding day
For the 110 project. Karen Curtis – born in 1960. (Photograph by Andrew Tolson)

’He towed me through the snow’

Karen Curtis went into labour during the 1996 Victoria blizzard
Frances Peddle

‘Joey Smallwood came to my place to play cards’

Frances Peddle befriended the young newspaperman and politician
The Beatles

‘The windows came down, and there they were’

Nancy Harwood met The Beatles on a bridge
Mayann Francis, 1946. (Photograph by Darren Calabrese)

’Here I am, a black woman giving freedom to another black woman’

Mayann Francis, the first African-Nova Scotian lieutenant-governor, pardoned Viola Desmond
Warren Bernard

’So many people identify with that picture’

Warren "Whitey" Bernard was the five-year-old in a famous WWII photo