Canada's Stories

Mujibur Rahman

’She was tossing and turning on the floor. I felt very helpless.’

Mujibur Rahman was forced into the medical profession early
Elizabeth Cooney

‘Choosing a way of life was easy’

Elizabeth Cooney taught school during the Depression
Candy-Stripers at Toronto Western Hospital

‘They’d clear the dishes and rub people’s backs’

Dorothy Hollands on nursing, volunteering, and travel
Gabriela and Sophia Rodriguez

’Everybody took their eyes off the clock’

Gabriela and Sophia Rodriguez are twins born in different years
Jaxon Brassington

’It was very scary’

Jaxon Brassington was born at the end of the world and lived to tell the tale
Maaz Hassan

’I want to be a comedian’

Maaz Hassan provides material for his father’s stand-up act
Ruby Mathers

‘Having two moms is great’

Ruby Mathers McHenry is a politically attuned five year old
Abigail Lonce

’I’m happy being the youngest’

Abigail Ionce is the baby in an 18-child family
Ty Brewster, born 2009

’Dad, I’m done shooting 50s’

Dennis Brewster developed an early passion for golf
Annabelle Kim

’She doesn’t ask for anything’

Annabelle Kim is a philanthropist by nature—and nurture