Canada's Stories

Garrett Gamble Jr

’I’m going to be an NHL player’

Garrett Gamble was a Toronto Maple Leaf for one day
Féix de St-Hilaire

’My stepdad had me listen to Robert Johnson’

Félix de St-Hilaire is Canada’s next Jeff Healey
Liam Lewis.

’One of my first memories is eating sushi’

Liam Lewis is the little locavore
Sam Song

’I got a headache from too much chess’

Sam Song, a chess prodigy, can play blindfolded
Isabel Maguscang

’You don’t lose your roots’

Isabel Magsucang finds her place in the Filipino diaspora of the territories
Melissa Dinn

’Start chewing tobacco now’

Melissa Dinn found her purpose as a Navy cadet
Sheliza Kassam

’A girl my age had never celebrated a birthday before’

Sheliza Kassam wants every child to have the best birthday ever
Dom Cozzolino, 1994. (Photograph by Finn O’Hara)

‘I couldn’t feel my legs’

Dominic Cozzolino had a 50-50 chance of walking again
Rubab Raza

‘After 9/11, things got sour for Muslims’

Rubab Raza and her family lived in a Winnipeg church for a year and a half
Matthew Macdonald

‘I grew up knowing life is an uncertain thing’

Matthew MacDonald was not supposed to live past two years old