Canada's Stories

Wesley Behm, 1989. (Photograph by Jason Ransom)

’I’m lucky just being able to wake up every day’

Wesley Behm was the first baby to receive a heart transplant in Canada
Fefe Dobson

’I’m just writing what I know’

Fefe Dobson made "demo tapes" on a karaoke machine
Furheen Ahmed

‘Why are they making this an issue?’

Furheen Ahmed protested for the right to wear a hijab at work
Bassam Sayed

‘The fire department was very kind with us’

Bassam Sayed on Victoria’s first mosque
Lauren Woolstencroft

‘I’m sure you’ve had challenges just as I’ve had’

Lauren Woolstencroft, Olympic skier, dominates on and off the slopes
THE MAGIC SCHOOL BUS, (top row): Liz, Ms. Valerie Frizzle, (middle): Carlos Ramon, Tim Jamal,

’I would put the Magic School Bus right at the top’

Stuart Stone played rascally Ralphie on a beloved kids show
Shahrzad Rafati, BBTV. (Peter Holst/BBTV)

‘It’ll be the ultimate human experience’

Shahrzad Rafati, founder of BroadbandTV, on the next tech wave
Dwayne De Rosario

‘There’s some rhythm involved’

Dwayne De Rosario, soccer star, on the origins of the ’shake ’n bake’
Ranj Dhaliwal

‘I don’t recall ever turning down a good fist fight’

Ranj Dhaliwal turned his gang experiences into cautionary literature
Natalie Bell

‘I could be the next Oprah’

Natalie Bell is Winnipeg’s gregarious mom blogger.