Canada's Stories

Daniel Igali

’I had a dream to wrestle like the Canadians’

Daniel Igali on winning gold—and finding family—in Canada
Setsuko Nagai

‘P.E.I. is the perfect place for me’

Setsuko Nagai-Eagar fantasized about Anne of Green Gables as a child
Ai Thien Tran

’I attempted to escape 11 times’

Ai Thien Tran on a long, arduous journey from Vietnam
Morgane Oger

‘I couldn’t lie to my children anymore’

Morgane Oger on embracing her trans identity at age 41
Clayoquot valley protest

‘If we weren’t fearful, we could make change’

Valerie Langer co-founded Friends of Clayoquot Sound in 1979
Josa Maule

‘I never tell someone they don’t have talent’

Josa Maule founded the Montreal School of Performing Arts
Senator Yohan Martin

’I was trying to wish myself back to Korea’

Yonah Martin, a senator from B. C., was motivated by her father’s work ethic
Shen Xue

‘I just cannot ignore the tragedy’

Sheng Xue Still fights for Chinese human rights
Michele Nadeau

‘It’s hard to dissociate the political persona from the grandmother’

Michèle Nadeau remembers her suffragist grandmother, Thérèse Casgrain
Irene Hirtle

‘Something horrific has happened’

Irene Hirtle found a way to help after the Swissair 111 crash