Canada's Stories

Andre Alexis

’Canada is a dangerous place’

André Alexis on the strangeness of arriving in Ottawa from Trinidad
Sweeney, Sylvia

‘I’ll bet you 25 cents I can beat you’

Sylvia Sweeney is a Canadian basketball hall of famer
UFO sighting in Halifax, Canada.

‘People don’t go for extraterrestrial’

Peter Goreham gives his version of the Shag Harbour UFO sighting
Missing image

‘Whole communities disappeared’

Bill Broderick, a Newfoundland fisherman, is waiting for the cod to return
Lynn Johnston

’In everybody’s family, some really weird and emotional stuff goes on’

Lynn Johnston turned everyday life into a blockbuster comic strip
Brad Barton

‘Everybody else was a sea of white’

Brad Barton, a life-long educator, on segregation in Nova Scotia
Vietnam war

‘I could see the disruption we were causing’

Ron Parkes was one of the few Canadians who fought in Vietnam
Sept. 11 The Plane People

‘It was amazing how smooth it went’

Des Dillon on how Newfoundlanders pitched in on 9/11
Theodore Fontaine

‘Early September, it’s almost like hell’

Theodore Fontaine on life after residential school
Sylvia Tyson

’If Bob Dylan could write songs, we could write songs.’

Sylvia Tyson moved to New York with a plywood guitar