Canada's Stories

Vera Frenkel, born 1938

’You inhale the world around you’

Vera Frenkel creates timeless multimedia installations
Newfoundland Confederation

‘I watched Confederation come in’

Robert Green on how Newfoundland changed after 1949
Indian Rights for Indian Women

‘I won’t stop now’

Viola Robinson, a Mi’kmaq activist, became a lawyer at 62
Landon Pearson

’I got my first regular cheque at the age of 64’

Landon Pearson became the senator for children
George Blake

’Are you sure you’re not doing some African black magic?’

George Blake came to Canada to treat alcoholism
Daphne Odjig Painting

‘We want the biggest damned painting you can do’

Daphne Odjig, celebrated Aboriginal painter, on her epic masterpiece

’I didn’t give them any coaching advice. I kept my mouth shut.’

Len Kropioski is an optimistic Winnipeg Jets fan
Frank Appleby

’As long as I was outdoors, it didn’t matter’

Frank Appleby, from muskrat to ministries to marriage
Fred Titcomb

‘Every jukebox that came into Vancouver, I checked out’

Fred Titcomb on fixing Wurlitzers across B.C.
Bathing North Sea

’When I landed in Canada [at 18] I was an old woman’

Isabella Brearley on falling in love with her adopted home