Canada's Stories

Joyce Cundict

‘Our family was poor, like everyone else’

Joyce Cundict on pioneer life in rural Alberta
Clara Auckland

‘We sold everything from medicine to men’s boots’

Clara Auckland on life in Ontario in the early 1900s
war zone evacuees

‘I smoke, I drink, I dance. What can I say is my secret?’

Rita Buttiri on finding a home and living a long life in Alberta

‘Marguerite is beautiful and bright’

Marguerite Nerny left Switzerland for a new life in Canada
Rae-Anne LeBrun

’I started doing drugs at 12’

Rae-Anne LeBrun turned her life around
Tornado Barrie ON

‘The sky turned a really strange colour green’

Kevin Shaw was caught in the path of the deadly Barrie tornado
John G. Diefenbaker

‘They’re dipping their toe in the water with the 100 families’

Jim Chu on the social experiment that brought him to Canada

’When I first started, I was all gangly and awkward’

Debbie Brill figured out how to jump higher
Bill Ayotte

’I don’t want to die on the ground like an animal’

Bill Ayotte attacked a polar bear with a snow shovel
Lise Payette

‘I worked on changing the attitude of Quebec women’

Lise Payette, journalist and politician, encouraged Quebec to remember.