The Thrill: A pop music spectacular

This week on our culture podcast: Chilly Gonzales’s dissertations on pop, and we talk Carly Rae Jepsen’s new album Plus: our songs of the summer


This week, on Maclean’s culture podcast—hosted by Adrian Lee, Emma Teitel and Julia De Laurentiis Johnson—we go deep on pop music! We start by interviewing Chilly Gonzales, Canada’s musical polymath and the host of a masterclass series on pop music, to talk about why people shouldn’t dismiss pop as simplistic and schlocky. He’ll explain the relationship between the Weeknd and the composer Bruckner, why it feels like we’re in the midst of an ’80s revival, and explain why a “student’s approach” to pop music is so valuable for a true love of music. Then, we’ll talk to writer Max Mertens about his profile of Carly Rae Jepsen for Maclean’s. Jepsen’s new album EMOTION is out now, to critical praise—yet commercial disappointment. Finally, the three of us reveal our songs of the summer.

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