The Thrill: Goodbye from Maclean’s culture podcast

It’s been a wonderful ride, but our culture podcast is going on indefinite hiatus. Here’s why


This week, on Maclean’s culture podcast—hosted by Adrian Lee, Emma Teitel and Julia De Laurentiis Johnson—we say goodbye.

Yes, the Thrill is going to go on indefinite hiatus for a variety of reasons. But we’ve appreciated all the support, the listens, the compliments, and the criticisms over the last eight months. We started out doing this podcast in the hopes of bringing unique voices to the table to discuss pop culture and culture at large—something that doesn’t happen often enough—and we’re proud of the work we’ve done. And while this doesn’t close the door for the return of a culture podcast to Maclean’s in the future, it’s the end of the run for our three hosts. We spend this episode reminiscing about our favourite moments from the show and why we’re wrapping up.

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