The Bibliopod: Timothy Snyder’s Holocaust book, and the marriage plot

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This week on the Maclean’s books podcast: An interview with American historian and author Timothy Snyder, and a look at Lauren Groff and Leah McLaren’s books and how women authors are upending “the marriage plot” in novels.

Lauren Groff, author of Fates and Furies, and Leah McLaren, author of A Better Man, two wonderfully insightful books about marriage, talk to Anne Kingston about marriage in literature from Jane Austen to Anna Karenina, why it’s so mysterious and so fascinating to write about, and about the new trend of the dual-narrative book.

And Brian Bethune talks to Timothy Snyder, the author of Black Earth: The Holocaust As History and Warning, about his groundbreaking and unsettling new book about the Holocaust—and its particular lessons for our time.

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