Jodie Foster's speech and grumpy Tommy Lee Jones rule Golden Globes

What just happened? Some highlights via Twitter

Jodie Foster’s speech and grumpy Tommy Lee Jones rule Twitter’s Golden Globes

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The 70th Golden Globes were Sunday night—celebrating achievement in television and film—but the awards weren’t the only talking points in the Twitterverse. Jodie Foster won the Cecil B. DeMille award for “outstanding contributions to the world of entertainment,” however her acceptance speech left some in tears and others simply confused.
Jodie Foster just gave the Prometheus of acceptance speeches.pourmecoffee
Here it is:
Golden Globe Awards 2013: JODIE FOSTER Gets Life Time Achievement Award | Foster’s Emotional Speechmrinqlive
Wow. A challenging, emotional, and riveting speech from Jodie Foster. She remains a paragon of integrity and honesty. #GoldenGlobesjian ghomeshi
Anne Hathaway crying during Jodie Foster’s speech #goldenglobes Community
So did Jodie Foster just came out, lectured on privacy, discussed her mom’s dementia and retired? Am I clear on that? Did I miss anything?Rebecca Traister
Only saw GGs part where Jodie Foster used her coming out to make fun of Honey Boo Boo. Uncouth for a Yaley, chastising a 7-yr-old.Kelli Korducki
How crazy bad is your speech when Mel Gibson gives you the WTF face? #jodiefoster #goldenglobesShi Davidi
Here’s that picture of Mel Gibson during Jodie Foster’s speech. James
In all seriousness, did Jodie Foster just tell us all that she’s dying or something?Zach Heltzel
That was longer than a Tarantino movie. #goldenglobesScaachi Koul
Guys, Jodie Foster is just video blogging right now.Gavin Purcell
Another celebrity actor was a big hit Sunday night: Tommy Lee Jones. He didn’t take home any awards for his role in the movie “Lincoln”, but did garner a lot of attention for being the least enthusiastic person on camera.
Best part of the #GoldenGlobes tonight, Mr. Tommy Lee Jones! Fuller
Tommy Lee Jones just loves a good laugh.anne t. donahue
Please cut to Tommy Lee Jones! Please cut to Tommy Lee Jones! Please cut to Tommy Lee Jones! Please cut to Tommy Lee Jones!Guy Endore-Kaiser
Who is the MOST Grumpy? Tommy Lee Jones or Grumpy Cat? Vihlen
Tommy Lee Jones continued to look bored later that night when Ben Affleck gave his acceptance speech for directing “Argo”—check out the bottom left of the picture below.
Love. RT @erikmal: Tommy Lee Jones, *still* not amused. Arthur
El Meme de Tommy Lee Jones cuando perdió el Globo de Oro por Mejor actor de reparto #GrumpyLeeJones de @todoelcinemx Estudio
Tommy Lee Jones, the new grumpy cat. Banovic
I love how bored Tommy Lee Jones looks. I wanna take him out for a beer some time. I’ll bring Jack Armstrong too. And Kid Rock. why notEric Smith
There were other memorable moments from hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler…
@JLo and Tina Fey <3 is a JLove!r
THIS. IS. EVERYTHING. RT @BuzzFeed: Amy Poehler + George Clooney canoodling #goldenglobesElizabeth Holmes
… as well as the cute teleprompter glitch for Selma Hayek and Paul Rudd…
I would watch a whole mini-series of Salma Hayek & Paul Rudd awkwardly staring into the camera. #goldenglobesKumail Nanjiani
Paul Rudd’s technical difficulties at the Golden Globesdorseyshaw
The golden globe goes to PAUL RUDD for his performance in AWKWARD SILENCE BEFORE PRESENTINGDemosthenes
Paul Rudd is allergic to not being adorable. #GoldenGlobesA-A-Ron
…but ultimately the night belonged to Jodie Foster.
We’re over here ugly crying, Claire Danes-style, after Jodie Foster’s speech. Viva la Foster! #GoldenGlobes! Online
"We’re going home with Jodie Foster!" – Amy Poehler’s final words of the night. Great job, Tina and Amy! #GoldenGlobesEric Alper

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