Say hello to your resident TIFF interloper

Jessica Allen is an outsider—just like you

I’m the editorial assistant at the magazine. But this year, I’ll be helping Maclean’s with TIFF coverage. (Don’t worry! I had to Google TIFF too!)

You might be a bit nervous right now—that I’ll be partly responsible for bringing you up-to-date coverage on arguably the most popular film festival in the world. Well, don’t worry because a) I’ve written, like 12 stories for the magazine and 2) I’ve seen a lot of movies (I loved Kramer vs. Kramer!) Besides, my colleague Brian D. Johnson, who’s been covering TIFF for a gazillion years, will be responsible for the bulk of our reporting and interviews while I’ll be toiling away on red carpets, in swag lounges, and at parties asking stars and filmmakers hard-hitting questions like, Do celebrities use the same bathrooms as mortals? What exactly is a grip boy? Could I be a grip boy?

Yes, I am a bit of an outsider but let’s be honest: so are you. This makes me perfectly suited to navigate the ins and outs of the festival with a fresh perspective. Also, I will probably learn a lot about the dos and don’ts.

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