Obama’s Blackberry great for security—not so much for fun

As he told Jimmy Kimmel, the president doesn’t even text.

Barack Obama is a loyal BlackBerry user. “You can’t run the world’s most powerful nation without your BlackBerry,” the Canadian company wrote on its blog in November, trumpeting how Obama still uses their phone. As far as all the new features a BlackBerry might offer, who knows how many the President actually uses. Turns out he doesn’t even text.

When Obama revealed last night on the TV show Jimmy Kimmel Live that he still uses a BlackBerry phone, one lone person in the stands clapped. The President was quick to joke that the only BlackBerry supporter in the audience was about his age. Obama revealed he sticks with BlackBerry, in part, because he must use a phone that has no recording features. His daughters, meanwhile, use another type of smartphone.

So, yes, BlackBerry has a host security features,  but don’t expect the late-night television spot to be part of a huge marketing push.







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