Economic analysis

Why did SOPA get so far? Geeks don’t lobby.

Congress received way more money from the entertainment industry

Congress received over $14 million from interest groups linked to the entertainment industry, which support the Stop Online Piracy Act in the House, and Protect IP Act in the Senate.

That was 7.2 times more than what Internet interest groups who (vehemently) oppose those bills put in the pockets of Capitol Hill lawmakers: a mere $2 million.

Still surprised two pieces of legislation as patently flawed as SOPA and PIPA made it this far in Congress?

For details on this dirty little open secret, check out this post by MapLight, a research company that tracks down campaign finance and breaks it down by hot-button bills, those who write them, and those who pay the big bucks.

As the Financial Times (where I read about MapLight in the first place–tip o’ the hat) rightly notes, it’s high time for Silicon Valley to recognize that what goes on in Washington doesn’t stay in Washington.