How Canadian comedian Ola Dada spends his money

Donair burgers, bright-yellow Crocs and pre-show haircuts are all in the budget for Dada
Kelsey Rolfe
Illustration by Selman Hosgör

In 2017, Ola Dada got his start as a comic by roasting his friends at Vancouver’s Comedy Basement. Now, the 27-year-old Fort McMurray native—and former semifinalist on Canada’s Got Talent—is gearing up for his first appearance at Toronto’s Just For Laughs festival in September. During a stop in Edmonton on tour, Dada shelled out for shoes and snacks. 


I try to eat healthy on tour, but when I got to Edmonton, I bought a donair ($12) from PrimeTime, a place my friend recommended. Then I saw that there was a donair burger ($10) on the menu, so I bought that, too. I was pretty full, but today was my cheat day, so it’s all gucci.


I was scheduled to perform with the American comedian Donnell Rawlings at the Comic Strip. I grew up watching him on Chappelle’s Show—I was starstruck. I wanted to make sure my set was tight and my hair was tight, so I got a pre-show haircut ($25). I couldn’t have a weak lineup; this event was going to have the most Black people I’d see in Edmonton.


I found Converse sneakers at the West Edmonton Mall. I knew my 13-year-old brother, Nathan, also wanted some, so I got us each a pair ($152). Nathan is the type to show up at school in pyjamas—my mom’s excited that I’ve elevated his shoe game.


I ordered some roses ($68) as a little surprise for my fiancée, Chelsea. I wrote a nice note in the card, spell-checked everything and still made an error. My dyslexia strikes again! I also wandered into Wee Book Inn and bought Homo Deus by Yuval Noah Harari ($25). I’m a book collector—as in, I collect books and fail to read them. I hope I get past the first 50 pages. Either way, it’s going to look great on my shelf.


I bought some bright-yellow Crocs from SoftMoc ($80), which wasn’t planned. My friends are now talking about how ugly they are, but they’re Crocs. They’re supposed to be ugly.


I’d been working for three straight weeks, so I needed a day off. I went to see Lightyear at Landmark Cinemas in downtown Edmonton ($12). I got popcorn and a cherry Coke ($15). I’m super lactose-intolerant, so obviously I got extra butter, too. If you have a problem with my lifestyle, take it up with the manager.


For the last five years, my buddies and I have celebrated my birthday by renting jet skis ($120), which we booked in advance. We’re departing from Kitsilano Beach this year. My friend Idris can’t swim, but he still risks his life to do it with us. What a great guy. 

—As told to Kelsey Rolfe

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