Cape Breton University: student life on campus

An insider’s guide to the best campus event, cheap lunch and more
Bridget Baldwin
Cape Breton University student

The 411

Best pizza:
My Glace Bay heart says J&T slices, but there’s no way to go wrong with Cape Breton pizza
Best place for a nap:
In the Boardmore or in the SASS Lounge
Best cheap lunch:
The Lebanese Flower if you’re in the mood to go downtown. Otherwise, make due with Mr. Noodles in a coffee cup from Caper Convenience.
Best hangover breakfast:
Selkie’s Neighbourhood Diner or Colette’s
Favourite campus food:
Caper Crêpes, but most food on campus is insanely expensive, and not super vegetarian- or vegan-friendly. Pack a lunch!
Best bar for hanging out:
The Old Triangle. It gets busy and crowded, but if you can secure a seat near the window, you can actually have a conversation!
Best place to study:
At home, in the SASS Lounge or in a study room
The thing that surprised me most about the school:
The pristine beauty of the business school in comparison to the dripping ceilings in arts classrooms.
Best campus event:
The Elizabeth Boardmore One-Act Play Festival
Best giveaway:
Sex-toy bingo during Pride Week
Best live music venue:
Where to live:
Since the bus routes are kind of nightmarish, I’d recommend living in residence. However, living in Sydney or Glace Bay will keep you in town and closer to restaurants, cafés and bars. It’s a tough call.

PROFILE: Cape Breton University | Sydney, N.S. | Founded 1974

Cape Breton University sits on the highway between the city of Sydney and the town of Glace Bay. Both Glace Bay and Sydney are unintimidating in size and offer a wide variety of both necessities and entertainment. Beyond those communities, you will find beautiful expanses of forest, beaches and lakes, waterfalls and trails. Cape Breton offers students the opportunity to connect not only with nature, but with the local communities. CBU is a cultural hub: the university is constantly connecting students with opportunities to engage with Mi’kmaq, Gaelic and Acadian culture, whether it be through classes or on-campus events. Students can study music and theatre, folklore and ancient mythology.

The school’s small class sizes are growing rapidly; the cafeteria and library are constantly filled with busy and buzzing domestic and international students alike. It is apparent that CBU is not only a rapidly growing hub, but so too is Cape Breton Island.

After Class
The school’s Boardmore Playhouse displays a plaque with a quote from Samuel Beckett: “Try again. Fail again. Fail better.” Among all of the extracurriculars CBU has to offer, participating in plays on campus is perhaps the most key to the university experience. Whether you are the lead, the director, the stage manager, the stage hand or an audience member, the Boardmore is bound to add to your appreciation of the campus. Auditions for the season are held in September.

Local Vibe
Cape Breton may seem small, but it is never boring thanks to local businesses like Lanes at Membertou, the Kitchen Table Board Game Café in Sydney and three nearby theatres. Campus celebrations are common—CBU celebrates Lunar New Year, for example. However, if you’re not one for social events, don’t feel disadvantaged. Cape Breton is filled with beautiful beaches, hiking trails, forests and hidden waterfalls.

More info
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