Public vs. private universities in Canada

National Post says private Quest University is better than public universities

This article from the National Post takes up the issue of private versus public universities. Post reporter Brian Hutchinson suggests that the education provided by Quest University in British Columbia is far superior to that of Canadian public universities because Quest is:

capable of providing what most public universities in Canada cannot: creative, high-intensity curricula; very low teacher-student ratios; small class sizes and flexible scheduling; instructors who are committed to teaching, rather than to their own research; a positive atmosphere devoid of faculty-level sniping and politicking.

Hutchinson is remarkably capable of maintaining his idyllic view of the university in spite of his mention of lower than projected enrollments; floundering student recruitment; a recent public relations fiasco; a founding president who resigned abruptly under mysterious circumstances; campus construction delays; and no real rational, long-term planning. In the words of the incoming president, who works pro bono, Quest University is a “quixotic dream…. Every day is a crisis”.