U Regina considers joining Project Hero

Four universities have already agreed to offer free tuition to the children of fallen soldiers

According to The Regina Leader-Post, the University of Regina is considering joining four other universities in offering free tuition to the children of Canadian Forces soldiers and officers killed in Afghanistan.

Dubbed “Project Hero,” participating schools are offering students four years of paid tuition, and in some cases are offering free residence for up to two years.

“I think that we’ll probably get something finalized one way or another in the next short while,” says Barb Pollock, vice-president external relations at U Regina. “We’ve got to figure out the how if we’re going to do it because there’s a couple of options.”

The main proponent of the project, Kevin Reed, is a 42-year-old honorary lieutenant-colonel of an army reserve unit in southwestern Ontario. Memorial University of Newfoundland president Rick Hillier, Canada’s retired general, was the first to institute the policy, and Reed says the move inspired him to get other universities on board.

So far, Reed says the University of Ottawa, his alma mater, and the Universities of Windsor and Calgary are all on board.