Introducing the 2018 3M National Teaching Fellows

Celebrating some of the country’s best post-secondary teachers
Marc Richard leads his class during an afternoon rehersal at Sheridan College in Oakville, Ontario. Richard has been awarded the prestigous 3M National Teaching Fellowship. (Photograph by Jalani Morgan)
Marc Richard leads his class during an afternoon rehearsal at Sheridan College in Oakville, Ontario. (Photograph by Jalani Morgan)

The 3M National Teaching Fellowship was created in 1986 by the Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education to recognize exceptional teachers in post-secondary education. For the first time, one of the fellows comes from the college sector, while others are doing impressive work not just in the classroom but with municipalities, First Nations communities and elsewhere. Winners become lifetime fellows of the society and attend a three-day retreat in Montebello, Que. “These 3M National Teaching fellows are great teachers and inspirational leaders, but they also demonstrate critical hope—the belief that higher education can change the world combined with the courage to persist in that belief,” says coordinator Shannon Murray.

Marc Richard
Faculty of Animation Arts & Design, Sheridan College
How do you prepare students to develop shows that go to Broadway? For Marc Richard, the journey that takes students from Sheridan to Broadway and beyond involves building pathways and relationships, partnering with both the educational community and the music theatre industry, and animating the learning. For more on Richard, click here.

Pamela Shaw
Geography Department, Vancouver Island University
Pamela truly lives according to her mantra: “I am a maker of champions.” Her dedication to student growth through experiential learning and the adoption of indigenous ways of knowing in her teaching make for a unique experience. For more on Shaw, click here.


Richard Ascough
School of Religion, Queen’s University
Participatory exercises are a hallmark of Ascough’s teaching in the classroom. He is superb at creating highly imaginative exercises such as “discipleship survivor,” in which students vote one of Christ’s apostles out of a boat for each of the 12 weeks of a course.


Isabelle Barrette-Ng
Biological Sciences, University of Calgary
Barrette-Ng provides students with tools—podcasts, simulations and interactive software—to use at their own pace outside the classroom, which helps them gain confidence and become stronger, more resourceful and resilient learners.


Judy Bornais
Faculty of Nursing, University of Windsor
Bornais has an extraordinary record of helping to transform teaching within—and beyond—her discipline. Behind the scenes in meetings and boardrooms, or in scrubs in the simulation lab and at the hospital, Judy faithfully serves the cause of teaching and learning.


Arlette Zinck
Department of English, The King’s University, Edmonton
Zinck welcomes students into her classroom to learn about literature, inviting them with the principle of hospitality. Knowing teaching happens not only in the classroom, she has also initiated educational opportunities in the prison system.


Christl Verduyn
English and Canadian Studies, Mount Allison University
Verduyn has transformed the Centre for Canadian Studies into a beacon for interdisciplinary interaction and experiential opportunities. The centre has animated Mount Allison and the wider community with public lectures, literary readings and conferences.


David Hutchison
Faculty of Education, Faculty of Humanities, Brock University
Hutchison was instrumental in the formation of the Brock University Design Studio, which brings together students from different academic programs to form collaborative teams. Students execute real-world projects in partnership with community organizations.


Alison Gibbs
Department of Statistical Sciences, University of Toronto
Gibbs’s passion for statistics is infectious and leads students to take more courses and use statistics in their daily lives. She continually seeks new ways to actively engage students in authentic experiences that will develop their resourcefulness, creativity and common sense.


Sylvie Doré
Department of mechanical engineering, École de technologie supérieure
As a devoted teacher, Doré motivates her students to persevere and succeed in their studies. As a dedicated academic, she exemplifies excellence by building a career on groundbreaking teaching and leading-edge pedagogical research.