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Browse through Canada’s top MBA programs to find the right fit for you

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How an MBA can transform your career

Exploring how pursuing an MBA can be a game-changer for your career, offering a comprehensive skill set, invaluable networks and the ability to navigate a career pivot successfully.

The value of an MBA degree in today’s job market

As you advance in your career, an MBA degree provides a solid basis for acquiring additional skills and broadening your knowledge

What you need to know about the MBA admissions process

Here’s what you need to know about the MBA admissions process


MBA Directory 2022

Browse through Canada’s top MBA programs to find the right fit you.

Three reasons Canadian MBA programs appeal to international students

Canada’s universities offer an array of benefits that attract top minds from around the globe.

Five important benefits of an MBA

Studying for an MBA isn’t just about getting a new degree. Here are a few of the unexpected benefits of earning an MBA.

How to choose the MBA that fits you best

The key criteria to consider when deciding between a traditional, executive or online MBA program.

Five ways prospective students can impress MBA program recruiters

Being smart about your application and interview can score you high marks.

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How to slay your MBA like an Olympian

Three elite athletes on the transferable skills that help them find success in their MBA programs

(Illustration by Raymond Biesinger)

How business schools are dealing with the rise in cryptocurrency

Over the past five years, digital finance has increasingly become part of business education

Students of the Dalhousie University MBA program. (Courtesy of Dalhousie University)

MBA programs in Canada 2021: Atlantic provinces

Specializations, experiential learning, virtual options. Our updated 2021 MBA Guide