Royal Military College: student life on campus

Best campus events, favourite watering hole, and more

Royal Military College of Canada

Favourite campus food: Chez Brucie’s breakfast sandwiches
Favourite watering hole: The Toucan or the Brass Pub, depending on what kind of vibe you’re looking for
Best place to study: The library because they have whiteboard tables that make brainstorming or calculations a lot easier and use less paper
Weirdest tradition: There are so many! It comes with being 142 years old, I suppose. The two that come to mind immediately are 200 Days to Grad, where the first-years and the fourth-years switch uniforms and positions for the day; or storming the boat, which is a school-wide snowball fight and game of capture the flag. One squadron defends their building called the Stone Frigate, nicknamed “The Boat.”
Best campus event: The Carr-Harris Cup, dubbed the world’s oldest hockey rivalry between RMC and Queen’s, has been going on for 132 years. Another great event is the obstacle course at the end of September where the first-year officer cadets showcase their teamwork and cohesion gained over one month of the orientation program. All the squadrons dress up in their squadron colours and run with the first-years.
Official school motto: ‘Truth, Duty, Valour’
Best place to live: Fort Brant if you like air conditioning, but the Stone Frigate or Fort Champlain if you like a view
Most original event: The Winter Ball; most cadets look forward to it for months

PROFILE: Royal Military College of Canada | Kingston, Ont. | Founded 1876

University Insider: Lauren Froats, 20, English

Picture buildings originally built 200 years ago, their stone facades in the foreground as you look out over sparkling Lake Ontario and the Thousand Islands, Canadian flags snapping in the breeze. This is the sight that greets us all at RMC when we return from training in the fall. Despite the picturesque setting, life at RMC can be busy. It is not just about academics here, but athletics, bilingualism and military leadership. It is a delicate balance that needs to be perfected, and at the end of the day, we’re better for it. By living in a military environment, we become close with the people in our flights, squadrons and classes. The mandatory gym and French classes ensure peak athleticism and full bilingualism. Additionally, our academics are second to none. With top-rate professors and small class sizes, you always feel like your professor has your best interests at heart. The small class sizes are definitely a huge part of the appeal. The professors are simply incredible, always making time to see you and providing helpful criticism while still supporting you through any troubles. Being a student at RMC means you’re a part of something bigger. With the support system, you never lose yourself in the crowd.

RMC has some amazing clubs that utilize the many skills of the students. Being on Lake Ontario creates great opportunities for water clubs like sailing and windsurfing, and with so many parks and great natural spaces, the expedition club is a must. There is also the option of renting canoes and kayaks to explore the nearby islands. The astronomy club makes great use of the observatory at RMC and takes trips to others as well. There is always a trip that is going somewhere, including the Battlefield Tour that visits key locations for the First and Second World Wars in Europe. The most unique club or team is the Sandhurst military skills team. It travels to competitions in various countries to face off against other military institutions.

Local Vibe
Kingston is an amazing city. The commercial downtown area is just a short walk away, full of good restaurants and shopping. It’s easy to spend an afternoon just wandering in and out of shops on Princess Street or to head out with friends in the evenings for drinks, good food and lots of laughs. There are also shopping centres, movie theatres, and a mall that holds anything you could ever need. With the majority of downtown located close to the water, there is no shortage of beautiful sights, including Kingston City Hall, which can be seen across the bay from the RMC campus.

The Skinny
The undergrad program website ( helps keep cadets on track. It lists all academic programs at RMC, and the required courses for each, along with other helpful resources. Another useful site to bookmark is the RMC Facebook page, where one can find videos of past obstacle courses or pictures and facts about the college.

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