Royal Roads University: student tips for surviving life on campus

The best weekend brunch, places to study, cheap lunch and more

Royal Roads University Campus

University Insider: Negar Abedi, 24, Business Administration

Best place for a nap: The library (they even have blankets!)
Best cheap lunch: May Gold Village Chinese buffet in Langford
Best weekend brunch: The Jam Cafe
Favourite campus food: The chicken wrap is always there at the Habitat Café, but if you get that creamy pasta with mushrooms, it’s your lucky day
Favourite watering hole: The Drake Eatery
Perks of living in this town: The weather! Amazing walking, hiking and biking trails.
Where to live: Colwood or Langford (close to university)
Best place to study: The library
Worst place to study: LIC main lounge
Most notorious bus route: Route 50
Best campus events: International Showcase, Holi festival of colours, Pride
Best giveaway: Anything from the gift shop with a peacock on it
Unofficial school motto: ‘PEACOCKS’
Best live music venue: Capital Ballroom
Most original social event: Valentine’s Day Ball in Hatley Castle
Best cultural event: Have I mentioned the International Showcase?

PROFILE: Royal Roads University | Victoria, B.C. | Founded 1995

You might recognize Royal Roads as Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters from the X-Men films. But when you actually become a student here—youngster or otherwise—you realize it’s so much more than a film set. Located in the city of Colwood, B.C., only 10 km from Victoria, Royal Roads is surrounded by magnificent old-growth trees, spectacular gardens, scenic mountains and more than 200 acres of forest trails to walk and hike along the Pacific Ocean. Historic Hatley Castle adds to the rich history of this place.

Royal Roads is a unique university with a small on-campus student population. That means you’ll definitely be on a first-name basis with fellow students from other courses; you can also be certain your instructors will know you by name. I’ve found the unique learning community to be especially engaging. My instructors have not only helped me succeed academically, but also played integral roles in helping me succeed personally and professionally. Learning within a community has allowed me to make meaningful connections with new friends and professors. The Royal Roads learning model is based on collaboration; students have the opportunity to work with their peers. You won’t fall into the cycle of lecture, study, exam, repeat. Instead, I’ve learned how to work efficiently in a team—a useful skill when I graduate. This is a university where extracurriculars are built into the curricula; the classes take you outside the classroom and give you the opportunity to engage in causes that matter to you. Royal Roads was founded on the idea that what you learn can be used and applied in your real life.

Campus Connect brings together new and returning students. Last year’s event included an information fair, tour of the castle and gardens, and bumper ball soccer! International Showcase is another annual event that allows students to share the culture and flavour of home, with more than 23 countries represented. The community service leadership project provides volunteer opportunities in Victoria and engages students in giving back to the community. As an automatic member of the student association, undergraduate students can become council members.

Local Vibe
Royal Roads University is a 20-minute drive from downtown Victoria. Located on the southwest side of Vancouver Island, Victoria is a short ride away from beautiful lakes and weekend getaways. Langford is a developing city near campus with the amenities you need. Victoria itself has everything you might expect from an island city: beautiful views, nice pubs and bad DJs. Mild winter months mean you can stay active year-round in Victoria while the rest of Canada is buried under a blanket of snow.

The Skinny
Visit the Student Services Facebook page for up-to-date information about campus events.

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