Trent University 411: Where to find the best place for a nap and more

A Trent U insider’s perspective on campus life
Adriana Sierra
Trent University Mock Crime Scene

Trent University Mock Crime Scene

Unofficial school motto:
‘What do we bleed? TRENT GREEN!’

Best place for a nap:
The Lady Eaton College Pit, where every surface is lined with a pillow

Adriana Sierra.

Best cheap lunch:
The Celie’s Wednesday mac & cheese special, served with classic rock and a game of pool

Best hangover breakfast:
‘The Classic’ at Two Dishes Cookshop: two eggs over-easy, a mountain of potatoes, homemade bread, and bacon deliciousness with coffee on the side

Favourite watering hole:
The Only Café. Infinite beer choice, wall-art for days, and music you will find nowhere else.

Perks of living in this town:
Art scene. Music scene. Used-book stores and antique stores. And food. All kinds of food. Seriously, it’s perfect for the small-city foodie.

Best place to study:
Sadleir House Library

Weirdest traditions:
Lady Eaton College: Beware the Toad; Champlain College: Champlain Milk Run; Otonabee College: Mural Painting; Gzowski College: Love for BAMM The Moose

Best campus event:
Head of the Trent, featuring a regatta, a beer garden and pancake breakfast traditions; Cultural Outreach, showcasing Trent’s multiculturalism and talent

Best giveaway:
TCSA’s exam care packages and student agendas

Best live music venue:
The Spill: everything from blues to punk to reggae

University Insider: Adrianna Sierra, 21, International Development and Environmental Studies

Born in 1964 as a small liberal arts university, Trent retains the spirit of lively controversy and individual learning that it was founded on. With small classes and an array of common rooms and departmental nooks, Trent fosters the lost art of student-faculty relationships and close-knit intellectual communities. Trent’s college system—complete with rivalries, crests and quirky traditions—gives it an irrefutable “Hogwarts-esque” feeling. Nothing less can be expected from a university whose environmental science complex was built to resemble a dragon and whose crest for its varsity sports teams features the sword Excalibur. Within the architectural oddities that tower over both banks of the Otonabee River resides a student body that, like the bold buildings, is unapologetically unique.

PROFILE: Trent University | Peterborough, Ont. | Founded 1964

At Trent, students can pursue a combination of disciplines that are unimaginable anywhere else. Yes, that means that you can be a political biologist with a minor in psychology. At Trent, the international community is visible, diverse and welcoming; the student activist network is engaged and loud; the college cabinets are cheering, home-like and active. What makes Trent so Trent is its ability to simultaneously foster both a sense of community and individual freedom. It has managed to maintain the philosophy best expressed by founding president Tom Symons: “that education is, inescapably, an individual experience—individual to each student, to each teacher, and to every scholar who may come to it.”

Catharine Parr Traill College, one of Trent’s two original colleges, is the university’s little-known downtown gem. Traill is known for its 19th- and 20th- century architecture, leather couches and leather-bound book-filled common rooms.
Trent Radio is the school’s own station, where every topic and music genre blasts out of 92.7 FM. Established and run by students, this is where you can tune in to Revolution Through Rock, Trent Voices and The Bohemian, to name a few shows.

Local Vibe
Peterborough’s unique charm comes from its small-city feel with everything a big city has to offer. Known for its cultural bent, you will witness local-art wonders hung on coffee-shop walls, live music almost every night, and the annual ReFrame Film Festival. Downtown Peterborough offers plenty of international cuisine, book stores, some decent nightlife, and boutique stores filled with pricey but classic fashion and vinyl. Boasting the best of city dwelling and country living, walk a couple of blocks in any direction and you will find forest-lined walking and bike trails.

The Skinny for transit, campus clubs and groups; for everything Peterborough

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