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102.1 the Edge makes scene at CUPE's York picket line

A Toronto radio station decided to expression the widespread frustration at CUPE 3903’s strike by creating a scene Tuesday at one of the picket lines set up at a York University entrance.

The audio is available here (click Todd at York): http://www.edge.ca/DJsandShows/DeanBlundellShow/Audio.aspx

Todd went to the picket line and attempted to clear a path for vehicles to allow people to pass the picket line without waiting. Words ensued between picketers and Todd.

While I understand the frustration held by many at CUPE 3903, I have to speak out against taking action against the picket lines. CUPE has the legal right to slow down traffic entering the York campus. Hurling insults at the picketers does nothing to resolve the situation and only inflames tensions.

I agree with the anger felt by CUPE 3903 at The Edge.

Clearly, this work fits perfectly into the “Shock Jock” genre and my writing to criticize the action it is exactly what the Edge hoped to achieve in performing the stunt.

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