A good reason I’m not a firefighter

Other than the fact that I hate heat and can barely lift my textbooks, I have little patience for people getting in the way of firefighters. Last weekend’s events at UBC are the perfect example of why you don’t want me manning a fire hose.

Student protesters decided to light a bonfire and when the fire department showed up to put it out, the students fought to prevent them from doing their job. At least one student stood in front of a fire hose. The fire department asked the police to step in to deal with the situation and clear a path for them to put out the fire.

Naturally, there are some students claiming police brutality.

They should be thankful I wasn’t the firefighter they encountered. I would have turned the hose on to clear a path instead of waiting for police. That would have been brutality.

The one thing I don’t get in all of this, when did firefighters become another group that it is fine to take your rage against “the man” out on?